Thursday, 26 April 2007

Solenoid valve

1) Prevent the valve from being strongly striken in the process of installation and shipment, otherwise it may influence its normal performance.
2) Before installation, the user must check the valve flatly on the test clamps with some prepressing. It is not allowed to be freely-flip. This assures that magnetic material won’t be damaged by colliding, otherwise it will influence the magnetic force.
3) Clean the impurity such as aluminum or oil left on the inner wall of the stove and the surface of the valve.
4) Keep the good connection of the solenoid valve and thermocouple. Prevent the safety protection device from operating abnormally because of too big contact resistance.
5) The warehouse of solenoid valves must be dry and ventilated and strictly prohibit extrusion.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Put on beautiful Clothes, Change My Style!!!

Happy weekend

In JUSCO, I have try on a clothes, which I like best,hehe~~~~~ and after shopping we have a good dinner in "Dajiale" restaurant, en~~~ the food is so delicious,.I like it ~~~~

In the park, there are so many beautiful view, so I quickly take my mobile phone , take some beuatiful photos~~~

Today we went to the park which called "Shunfengshan Park". and the go to the JUSCO supermarket shopping, in a work, today have a good time~~~~~~

Sunday, 15 April 2007

How to Book Your Holiday Online

The summer's here and think about what to do on your holidays. But the search for a holiday somewhere needn't mean working up a sweat. Follow those simple steps to book your triip online.


Decide where you want to go. The Internet is full of travel guides. Adventurous travelers, or those on a budget, can check out well-know guides like or Other places for travel ideas include Microsoft's

Once you've found where you want to go, the internet is a great place to find travel deals. lets you compare major airline prices,but shop around and contact the carriers directly for the best deals.Or check the last-minute deals at -- for some cheap prices.


Once you've found your dream ticket, it's time to buy online. Always use a credit card--that way, if your operatorgoes bust before you fly, your credit company will reimburse you.Book only at sites that offer Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) transactions. If you dont, it may void any protection you can expect from your bank or credit card firm.


Forgotten anything? Get insured at Check out the Foreign Office's advice to travelers at Answers to travelers' health queries are always available at And don't forget to buy a paperback to read on the plane--choose one from the huge selection at

Friday, 13 April 2007

How warm are they??

How warm is it? from the expression of this little girl's eyes, we can feel that they have a hard lives, they hope have a happy life, they look forward to your help!!!

How warm are they? from thos two kinds of picture, you can feel it~~~~~

"How warm are they?" is a kinds of program of CCTV, when I saw this program,my heart was deeply moved by those children, because their spirit was encourage me . who can image that in so badly environment they also can study hard, and live happiness without complain their life.
How warm is it? what is warm. in different environment will have different demands, the rich people can live in a warm house and sleeping in a comfortable bed, and have a happiness lives. but the poor people only have broken socks , broken clothing, and a pair of broken shoes, but they still live happiness. when you compare with those children, I think we will realize that we are so lucky and happiness, we want to value and have optimize attitude to treat our lives.
Those children was so lovely and simplicity, they must be in an warm classroom study, in the warm bed sleeping...... they must live a warm life, but they don't, what pity they are!. So we must call on more and more people to care those poor children, I think it just cost you a little strength and will help those children. How warm is it? I think everyone have might to feel it. so I hope everyone give a kindhearted aid to those children and let them have a happy childhood.
How warm is it? I think everyone have might to feel it, so let us have a heart of kindhearted to treats those society, and you will feel more and more warm, just like one lyric of the songs" if everyone will give a little love, the world will become more beautiful!!!!!!

In so cold weather, how they warm thermselves, and what kinds of food they eat, from those pictures ,I think you can feel that what warm are they!!

Because those place are short of waters, in so cold weather, they also want to go to the place which is far away to take the drink water!!!!

Monday, 9 April 2007

Blog strategy

This is my first time to create a blog. So between the process of doing my blog I have some idea to share with you.
(1) Firstly, I like write something about my daily life, and some sentiments about myself, so
I just want people can share my happy, my idea and keep on communicating from the blog.
(2) Because my blog is not profession, so at the beginning, I post some interesting story and some photos about me and my friends, otherwise, I also add some widget which I think is interesting. But I find that my click rate is so low, so I try another way to promote my blog. I go to some blogger forum to post my comments and add the some interesting forum, sometimes I also visit some people’s blog, and leave some comments. And also I leave a my comments in the QQ. Skype, and so on.
(3) About my blog’s blueprint, I want to go on add something I think is more value. And let the people keep on communicating in my blog’s comments. And the point is to rout the click rate. So
I think I am not only want to do a good blog, but also want to learn how to publish the blog. In a word, I want to create a synthesis blog and will be know to the people all over the world

Sunday, 8 April 2007

I feel happy~~

Sometime I feel so happiness, because there are so many people love me and care me anytime. For example, my father, mother, and all my friends. When you have some trouble or difficult they will give you help anytime, when you are unhappy, they will accompany in your surroundings. So we must learn how to thankful those people. Especially, now I want to thank my father. I want to say that without your support, I can not have such a happiness life, you let me feel what is the happiest thing, and how to treasure the life. Also, I want to thanks all my friends, because their help and support, letd me feel the value of friendship is forever.
In a word, tonight, I have never feel so happiestness, I just want to say let us learn have a heart of grateful, and to treat everyone . if you do it, you will find that the world is full of love, and you will fell your life is happines!!!!!!